Monday, February 5, 2007

Socially relevant films by Pradeep Dixit

Quick Sand (Hindi Title Daldal)
1981 (35mm / B& W/ 18min)

Written, Directed & Produced

The Film won the National Award in 1981 and 4 International Awards.

Synopsis :

The Film shows the plight of bonded labour in the country.

The Sutradhar (anchor) of the film meets a bonded labourer on his farm. The labourer is dragging his child who is crying and wants to be taken to the Fair. The Sutradhar asks him why he can't meet such a small demand of his child. The farmer replies "I need money to cremate my mother and there is no choice but to mortgage my son to the zamindar (money lender) to get the money! The film then shows how such incidents of bonded labour, drag people in to a quick sand from which there is no escape.

Although the City looks Quiet
1986 (16mm / Colour/ 30min)

Directed & Produced

Synopsis :

This must be first film in the history of Documentary films in the country, which has been produced with voluntary donations collected from like-minded people to document the longest Textile strike (18 months) with largest participation (2,50,000 Textile workers).The film shows how the textile workers were victimized by the nexus of mill owners, government and political parties for 'Creating the Concret jungle in Mumbai'.

The film was the opening film at the 1st Mumbai International Film Festival for Short films, Documentaries and animation films in 1986.

Beti Ayi Hai (In Hindi) and Mulgi Zali Ho! (in Marathi)

1988 (Video / 1hr)


This was a video film documenting the famous street play by Stree Mukti Sangatana,which has had over 1,000 shows all over India.

Pehla Baghi Mahathma - Jyotibi Phule

1993 (Tele film/Video format/1hr)

Written & Directed

This film won the R.A.P.A award for the Best Director and Best Photography (Debu Deodhar)


It is a Docu-Drama on the life and work of one of the greatest Revolutionaries of India who pioneered Women's education in India by first educating his wife Savitiri and making her the first woman teacher.

Adhe Adhure
(16mm / colour / 60 min)

Produced & Directed

The fictional film shows the child marriage system and its victims.

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