Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Street play on 'Noise Pollution'

When 'sound' makes 'Sense'!

The students of Indira School of Communication, Pune, recently performed street play on the social issue of Noise Pollution. It was a necessary step at the time when the entire city was enjoying (by few) and suffering (by the large majority) the worst noise pollution created during Ganesh Festival.

'We were not creating an event, but joining in a mission - A mission of educating people to understand difference between 'Noise' and 'Sound'!

Through the street play, the students had to make people aware that "We can't survive without sound, but it is the noise which is killing us slowly. I call it a mission, because we will have to work at grass root level to disassociate people's belief that we can't celebrate without creating noise!

The students of Post graduate course in mass comm., under the guidance of Radhika Ingle, devised script and in just 2 days, rigorously rehearsed the play and went on to perform in and around Pune city. in just 2 days, they performed 15 shows at 10 different places within just 4 hours of time.

It was viewed by large gathering inside gardens, students corner and Ganpati Mandals.

Would you like to join the Mission - 'Create Sound -Kill Noise'?

Let the individual, Educational institutes, NGOs device their own scripts or can contact me.


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