Saturday, December 29, 2007

Media Training & Awareness Workshops

Need of the Hour

With the advent of satellite TV channels, we talk of the 'media explosion' either with excitement or with concern. Excitement, because it has opened new windows to the world, and concern, as it is an outright one-way communication blitz. This has an everlasting impact on viewers, especially children. Therefore, the 'Need of the hour' is to create a balancing factor, which can be achieved only through awareness and education. The advent of multimedia has opened enormous possibilities of using the audiovisual media more meaningfully, where understanding and appreciation of media is also important and where audience participation is an integral part of communication.
Communication Support Foundation conducts workshops to excite young people (and the young at heart) to the possibilities of good cinema and TV. We have organized over 25 workshops for children from various strata of society.

The following workshops can be organized :
Understanding Cinema
Film appreciation sessions through the screening of extracts from best films and documentaries, appropriate to the group, and discussion. The duration can be from two to six hours and partipants , a group of not more than 50.
Children's Workshop called 'Magic of Making Movies'
Two to three day workshop, which provides hands on experience of making movies. The participants would be exposed to the elements of film making such as script writing, direction, editing, cinematography etc. The participants would in teams, actually make short video films. Each workshop can be for about 30 children .
Script Writing Workshop
Every creative "Thinker" has hidden talents to become a "writer", which at one point or other, comes out in form of a poem, short story, letter or at the most an article. But it remains in the paradigm of "writing" as a hobby.
But to turn this hobby into a professional writing, one needs to acquire skills of writing, which results into making him a professional writer - from a small ad copy to a full-length feature film script.
The workshop is designed to develop creative writing skills, aspects covered would include idea generation, story development, script formats, etc.

Who Can Apply
Open workshops – These are advertised and organized by the Foundation and are open to the public with the criteria as advertised.
Schools and Colleges can approach CSF for holding any of the Workshops; NGO's can approach to hold workshops for any group they are working with.
Social and cultural organizations as an edu-entertainment activity.

Contact us if you you feel it is the Need of the Hour.


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