Thursday, December 28, 2006

Calligraphy Happenings

CSF has recently started a unique, enthralling experience for social awareness. Calligraphy happening, an event where a large sheet of paper is used as a canvas to portray a central subject.

Pradeep Dixit conducts this with enough vigor and vitality to keep the audience engaged and inquisitive throughout the session. And thats not all - after his first exorbitant brush stroke, he lets the audience participate in the happening to make it more enjoyable.

Participants ranging right from play-school kids, to senior citizens now get an opportunity to express their thoughts on this whopping sheet of paper. They have a range of articles to choose from - Bamboo, various brushes or even a syringe!

Many such events have been conducted by CSF till now, on issues like Noise Pollution, the traffic problem, Charity, Terrorism and so on.


  1. excellent work by u well done
    plz write on how to teach youngsters anti noise pollution awareness


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