Saturday, January 24, 2009

Acceptable Sound and Unhealthy Noise

According to the definition in Preventive and Social Medicine by Park (15th edition), Noise means, any Sound which crosses the prescribed decibel Audio level at a particular given place, time, duration.

The 20th century, therefore is described as Nosiest century! For example, According to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) in 1980, prescribed following measure in decibels, known as dB, to maintain the audio level at different places;

  1. Industrial Areas - 75 dB for maximum period of 8 hrs.

  2. Residential Areas - During day -55 dB & during Night 45 dB.

  3. House - During day -45 dB & during Night 35 dB.
As per International Labor Organization (ILO), any 'sound' which can create partial or complete deafness should be treated as Noise.

And the fact is...

The average Noise level at any metro city is unacceptable. For example in Mumbai, in recently concluded diwali festival, the lowest noise level was 103 dB and highest was 115 dB.

The Audio invention of 'Dolby System' in cinema halls and surround sound systems at the disco and pub centers have clinically proved hazardous to over-all health, gradually bringing complete deafness and can cause high blood pressure and heart attacks, apart from bringing behavioral changes and attitudinal changes, like irritation, aggressiveness, short temper and even quick succumbing to the criminal offenses.

Question to ponder - Why our Police force is increasingly going towards only conventional crimes? Isn't noise pollution an act of violence?)

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  1. Hope the world follows this.. this is such an important cause. Especially in India, people just dont seem to care about Noise pollution. Something must be done about it as soon as possible.


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