Friday, January 23, 2009

Noise Pollution: A new double-edged weapon of 'VIOLENCE'

A Supreme Court judgment about noise pollution (restricting the use of loudspeakers between 10 pm and 6 am, control on the decibel level of loudspeakers, etc) has created controversy. While about 70% of the citizens (as surveyed by 'Sakal' a Pune based daily) were in favor of the judgment, it was those 30% in the minority, who created havoc at midnight of the Ganpati immersion day, destroying property worth crores of rupees. This was done under the cover of 'encroachment on religious rights to celebrate festival!' The fact is no religion propagates celebration of any festival by creating noise by way of beating drums, creating Audio walls or firing crackers. As the latest figure shows that we Indians actually 'Burn money' worth Rs. 13 thousand crores only on fire crackers every year! Thousands of rupees are spent on creating 'Audio walls' and other noise creating instruments.

It was proved, once again, that political muscle power is greater, then the majority public opinion, since the supreme court had to bow down to political pressures and was forced to allow the use of loudspeakers up to the mid night instead of 10 o'clock.

In short, it has become a new 'Violence'. The 'Violence' which 'kills' your peace of mind, destroys concentration of students from their studies, proves a 'nightmare' for patients and senior citizens and worst of all brings 'deafness', slowly and gradually to every one as the 'Noise violence' is a 'Double edged weapon' which harms both the victim and the creator with equal force.

s all of us (compulsorily) undergo the 'Noisy journey', which starts around 'Ganpati Festival in Maharashta (or some parallel festival in India), and end only around 'Holi. The festival objectives may differ but one thing is common, despite all caste, religion, language and state The loudspeakers (which have taken the shape of an Audio wall) , loud bursting fire crackers and the deadening musical instruments like Dhol, Tashsas and now the 'Electronic synthesizers'. And if you feel little relaxed, then there are occasional elections, processions and victory celebrations (like winning cricket match etc), which guarantee you sleepless nights, hampering student's studies and a nightmare for sick patients and senior citizens!

Unfortunately, there seems to be an imaginary line between the two groups - one who creates and one who suffers, but due to the deep-rooted association of celebration with creating noise, every single individual suffers but when his turn comes, follows the same pattern. It has now become one of the important 'Political Promises' by the leaders to their voters that their 'right to create noise' will be protected!


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