Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NGO Hub Launched

Sanmitra NGO Founders and NGO Volunteers,

I am pleased to announce and inform all the ‘Like minded, socially committed NGO’s and NGO Volunteers, about opening of ‘NGO HUB’ by Communication Support Foundation, today on Wed. 26th January, 2011 at following address:

Communication Support Foundation
5, Sahakar., Shirole Rd. (Opp. Fergusson Collage Main gate)
Shivaji Nagar , Pune -411004.
For Contact ; Call Pradeep Dixit – 9870162846.

The objectives of starting ‘NGO Hub’ for all of you for following activities;
  1. To meet, discuss, brainstorm NGO activities.
  2. To conduct Seminars, workshops, Presentations to Promote NGO activities
  3. Counseling Centre for Volunteerism for different Social Problems & issues
  4. To arrange preview and discuss Short films & Documentaries on Social issues
What is offered to you is an empty 850 sq.ft. flat, with 2 -3 rooms to conduct your activities, at a very nominal rate of Rs. 51/- per hour, which will be a donation to CSF's own NGO activities.

You are invited at the above address on 26th Jan 2011, between 6pm to 8pm, and on regular basis from MON TO SAT between 4PM to 8PM, with prior intimation on my mobile no. 9970162846.

Thanking you and expecting your “Communication Support’.

Pradeep Dixit


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