Thursday, May 26, 2011

'YOU' and 'ME' -Let's save 'US' from 'Noise Pollution'!

Sanmitra (Friend with a wisdom),

Today, 26th May 2011. I turned 65!

I don't want any Birthday wishes from you, but wish all of you, A 'Noise-less' life ahead, and for our Planet Earth!

Can we commit?
Can You commit to yourself?
At least - Can YOU and ME commit to each other ?

I need just one volunteer!
Are YOU the one I am looking For ?

Give me a BirthDay Gift I am longing, by someone saying 'YES'!

And YOU and ME will make the Difference!

My countdown begins - from 26th May 2011......

Let me see how YOU and ME can save our future generations - who are getting DEAF slowly, due to Noise Pollution - either created by themselves or by the world around them!

Let the 'Divine' Prevail!

Pradeep Dixit
Anti Noise Pollution Activist.
Communication Support Foundation, Pune, India


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