Friday, March 23, 2012

NGO Hub's Centre for Matrimonial Alliance for Adopted Children

NGO Hub's Centre for Matrimonial Alliance for Adopted Children

‘NGO HUB’ a part of the projects of Communication Support Foundation, Pune ,is pleased to announce it’s New venture, on the auspicious day of  Gudi Padwa (New Year as per the Hindu Calender), a Center for
Matrimonial Alliance for Adopted Children.


It’s a very contradictory and paradox situation in our society that, while on one hand, adoption of children is
gaining awareness, but on the other hand, the number of girl child birth, is on dangerously on decreasing side.

The reason, especially about a girl child and for that matter about a boy too, is to reveal their identity as Adopted children. It’s a social task to find such like-minded families or children who would accept each other or such families for matrimonial alliance.

NGO HUB’s Centre for Matrimonial Alliance is one such effort to create a platform for such socially committed citizens to come together and look for Made for each other – not only couples, but families too!

And, now how to go about it?

  1. Pay Rs. 500/- for registration and fill up the form. (This would be as a part of Donation to NGO HUB’s activities.)
  2. Once you register, as per our data, (which might take couple of months as we are just initiating the idea) we will send you the list to select your possible alliance
  3. It’s not mandatory, but we would prefer the proposed couple to spend their own money or generate the funds for the marriage, rather than it becoming a financial burden to their family! 
  4. It’s obligatory on the part of the newly married couple, to have one child of their own and adopt one as a part of social commitment or have just one adopted child (preferably a girl child)
NGO HUB will have its counseling sessions, every second Saturday of the month, for legal advice, meeting sessions, and other related points Between 4 to 8 at NGO HUB, Pune.


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