Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dear Editor, What a cowardly murderous attack on Dr. Narendra Dhabolkar?

My letter to every newspaper editor:

Dear Editor,

Before one came out of the shock and could protest about the most cowardly murderous attack on
Dr. Narendra Dhabolkar, the attack on FTII students by a student's group comes almost
in a parallel category of most cowardly and undemocratic way of lodging a protest, that too, 
from one student body on another student body!   

When the students of FTII  had organized a 'Open to all' program,that too in the Govt. premises,
and were open for a debate, the members of A.B.V.P group members attack on the students,
was totally uncalled for and shameful act of 'Students Vs Students' !

Are we going to allow the percolation of  the "Political Poison' of discrimination, on the grounds of
political (so called !) ideology amongst the youth, who are already  aspiring voters and at whom we are looking forward to bring social change?

Pradeep Dixit

pradeep (at)


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